My Parisian Journey: Thirtieth Anniversary


Baylor Days 1979

In 1982 I married my best friend, the greatest guy I had ever met and the love of my life.  We met at Baylor our freshman year, dated nearly four years and married one month after we graduated.



During our courtship, we were inseparable.  After class, we would spend most of our weekdays studying in the library, taking breaks playing racquetball or fielding baseballs and serving in BSM ministries.  David had already been called into the ministry at that point so our courtship involved serving together in a local church with his Youth group on the weekends.

The hardest part of our courtship was being separated during the summer months as we went to our separate homes to work. Now, after thirty years of marriage, we have found ourselves separated again for the past four months as I have been studying in Paris for my graduate internship. You think we would have learned our lesson back in college!


Putting our lock on the bridge to celebrate 30 years!

However, I will say that during these past few months I have learned to really appreciate the little things that I took for granted such as cooking for him, holding hands as we watched TV, greeting our precious church family together after worship, exercising together in the mornings as the sun comes up and walking our puppies as the sun goes down.

David came to visit me right after Christmas and we spent a week celebrating our thirtieth anniversary here in Paris.   It was a wonderful 2 weeks filled with romantic walks down the Seine, visits to our favorite Parisian sites, and most importantly a precious time of prayer and recommitment to our vows in a beautiful, medieval church that Victor Hugo introduced to us!

This internship has been the greatest challenge of my 52 years, but has brought some of the greatest blessings as well!

Joyeux anniversaire, mon amour, and here’s to the next 30!

Two great "Thinkers"

Two great “Thinkers”Bonne Anniversaire, Mon Mari and here’s to the next 30!

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