Until all are free, no one is free.

What a privilege it has been to explore this country over the past few weeks. My time spent in this country was unforgettable. We crossed the Hungarian border a hour ago on our way to Budapest. As I sit in this bus, I can’t help but think back on all of the incredible experiences we had. Just to name a few:

Street festival, anti-human trafficking training sessions by Eliberare, eating an entire platter of assorted meats and fruits with only our hands, playing in the park with kids, decorating t shirts with friends from the safe house, going to the forest for an afternoon, playing with kids in schools, eating hot dogs from Ikea on the way to a water park, impromptu dance parties with new friends, hosting a carnival with another organization, visiting castles, visiting parliament, visiting a bread museum, seeing a skeleton, rowing a boat in a salt…

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