Drowsiness. Heat. Midday

Je m’interroge au mileu de ma fumée si j’irai tantôt vers la mer. 10th hour

Midday. What to do with this beautiful, sunshiny, day? Will our narrator go towards the sea, or the mountains, or visit some friends?

Paul Valéry, the author of Alphabet, was born in the small Mediterranean seaport of Sète, near Hérault, France. [see my featured photo from my trip to Carcassonne]. Imagine the possibilities of this day in southern France, on the Mediterranean…

Je me peins le possible et j’efface.

He paints the possible, and he erases it. He wants to be productive, be useful, as the animals. Do not waste time, do not loose time, the balance is never zero.

J’entendes une eau qui chuinte et se suit je ne sais où.

He listens to water running in a stream, he follows the stream. Where is it going? Where is HE going with his life?

bel aujourd’hui que tu es– Aujourd’hui qui m’entoures– je suis Hier et Demain… Tu n’es que ce qui est, et je ne suis jamais; je ne suis que ce qui peut être…Ici, tout ce qui brille et vibre n’est pas moi.

Today, this beautiful day surrounds him – “I am Yesterday and Tomorrow… You are only what is, and I never am; I am only what I can be…”

Time for a nap!

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