2 thoughts on “My Parisian Journey: The Paris of Les Misérables

  1. Hi mrs Lowrie

    I too am a Paris lover, and Hugo admirer. Thanks for the site. However, two remarks.

    1- Image provided for Le Panthéon is not correct. Actually, it is a picture of L’Institut de France, where sits the Académie Française. Find Panthéon here :


    2- The picture of statue of «Gladiator» provided is actually of roman god Vulcan. But the error hit Hugo himself, who, as you know, mentioned a «Gladiator» amongst the statues in Jardin du Luxembourg. There is (and ever was) none such. Incidently, painter La Gandara made a painting called «Gladiateur de Borghèse au Luxembourg», but this antique statue (300 B.C., and not of a gladiator, but a warrier) sits in le Louvre, not outside at any park (ouf !). Why that name, though ? No clue.

    Anyway, your informations will now help me find exactly where Marius used to take a walk in Jardin du Luxembourg.
    Thanks again !


    • Thank you, Michel, for taking the time to comment and show me the corrections I need to make in describing these illustrations. I look forward to your report concerning Marius!

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