Poppy Field, MFA

As a follow-up to my post « Where to find Monet in Paris », I have compilled a list of Monet’s paintings in the United States (extensive, but not exhaustive).  Many of these paintings are in the permanent collection of these museums but might not be on display or could be out on loan, so check the museum’s website before your visit.  If you like Monet’s earlier works, The MFA in Boston and the MOMA in NY have the best representation.  The AIC in Chicago has the best representation of his later works of his home in Giverny and the water lily ponds.

San Giorgio Maggiore MFA Boston
San Giorgio Maggiore

I.  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Woodbearers in Fontainbleau (1864)

La Rue de la Bavolle at Honfleur (1865)

Camille Monet in Japenese Costume (1875)

The Path of la Cavee-Pourville (1882)

The Fisherman’s House-Varengville (1883)

Menton seen from Cap martin (1884)

Poppy Field in a Hollow near Giverny (1885)

Antibes, Afternoon Effect (1890)

The Creuse, Sunlight Effect (1890)

Rouen Cathedral, Sunlight (1893)

Arm of the Seine near Giverny (1896)

Water Lillies (1905)

The Grand Canal (1908)


II. National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

The walkers : Luncheon on the grass (1865)

Monet’s Garden at Argenteuil- Dahlias (1873)

The artist’s garden at Vetheuil (1880)

Women with a Parasol-Mme Monet and Claude (1875)

London, Parliment (1900)


III. Art Institute of Chicago

Regatta at Saint-Adresse (1867)

River Seine at Bennecort (1868)

Zaandam, Holland (1871)

Gare Saint-Lazare (1877)

Walk on the Cliff at Pourville (1882)

Bordighera (1883)

The Beach and the Falaise d’Amont (1885)

Charing Cross Bridge (1899)

Grainstack Thaw, Sunset (1890)

Sandviken Village in the snow (1895)

Branch of the Seine near Giverny (1897)

Waterloo Bridge, Sunlight (1899)

The Bridge over the Water-Lily Pond (1900)

Water Lillies (1906)

The Palazzo Dario (1908)

Waterlilies, (1914, 1916, 1917)

 IV. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Camille Monet in the Garden at Giverny (1840)

Portrait of man sitting (1864)

The Bodmer oak, Forest Fontainbleau (1865)

The Green wave (1866)

Regatta at Sainte Adresse (1867)

Garden at St. Adresse (1867)

Le Grenouillere (1869)

Poppy Field in Argenteuil (1873)

The Parc Monceau (1878)

Lane in the Poppy Field, Saint-Martin (1880)

Taking a walk (1887)

Boquet of Sunflowers (1880)

The Manneporte (1883)

Water Lily pond (1889)

The Portal in the Sun (1892)


V. Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamston, Massachusetts

Stormy Seascape (1867)

Springtime in Giverny (1890)

 IV.  Walters, Baltimore

The Reader (1872)

Charing Cross Bridge, Thames (1899)


VII. Fogg Museum, Harvard University

The Porte d’Amont, Etretat (1873)

The Gorge at Varengville, Afternoon (1897)

Red Mullets (1869)

Houses of Parliment, Effect of Sunlight (1900)


VIII. Philadelphia, Pa

The Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam (1874)

Antibes, in the Morning (1888)


IX. Raleigh, NC

Etretat, Sunset (1883)

X. Dallas Museum of Art

Pont Neuf (1871)

Seine at Lavacourt (1880)

Water Lillies (1908)


XI. Smith College, Massachusetts

The Cour d’Albane (1893)


XII. Milwaukee Museum of Art

Waterloo Bridge, Sunlight (1899)


XIII. Santa Barbara, California

Waterloo Bridge, London (1899)


XIV. MOMA, San Francisco, California

Street in Saint-Adresse (1867)

Boats Moored at Le Petit-Gennevilliers (1872)

Bridge at Dolce Aqua (1884)

Springtime at Giverny (1890)

Rouen Cathedral (1894)

Charing Cross Bridge (1900)

Waterloo Bridge Morning Fog (1901)


XV. St. Louis, Missouri

Charing cross bridge (1899)


XVI. Brooklyn, New York

Houses of Parliment, Sunlight (1900)

 XVII. Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Still Life (1869)

Sunrise, Marine (1873)

Wheatstacks (1891)

Rouen Cathedral (1894)


XVIII. Cleveland, Ohio

Boat Lying at Low Tide (1881)

Field of Corn (1881)

Gardner’s House at Antibes (1888)


XIX. Indianapolis, Indiana

San Giorgio Maggiore (1908)