Impression Sunrise
Musee Marmottan

There are hundreds of works by Claude Monet for public viewing all over the world.  As he had a long life (1840-1926) as well as a long painting career (1858- 1924), he was able to leave us with a treasure of his works to enjoy.

Monet lived most of his professional life in and around Paris, therefore, most of the major museums possess his works. The Musée Marmottan houses mostly works by Monet, including his Impression Sunrise,  and the Musée l’Orangerie has an incredible display of his Water Lilly panels which was recently renovated and reopened in 2006.

Of course, if you love Monet’s works, no visit to France is complete without a side trip to Giverny to see Monet’s home and gardens, which have been kept immaculate over the years and will place you right at his easel.

I compiled this list of works (extensive, though not exhaustive) by Monet for a previous trip to Paris and wanted to share it with you for your next visit ! (Check the websites of the museums to make sure they are on exhibit and not out on loan !)


I. Musée du Louvre : Collection Hélène et Victor Lyon


Environs de Honfleur : (1867)

La débâcle de Vétheuil : ( 1880)

Glaçons sur la seine a Bougival (1867)


Musee d’Orsay

II. Musée d’Orsay

Coquelicots : (1873)

Camille Monet on her deathbed (1879)

Women in the Garden (1866)

La Magpie (1868)

La Gare Saint-Lazare (1877)

Meules, fin de l’été (1890)

London, Houses of Parliment (1904)

The Road to Bas-Breau, Fontainebleau (1865)

Women in the Garden ((1877)

Dejeuner sur l’herbe, Chailly (1865-66)

The Hotel des Roches Noires at Trouville (1870)

Waterlilly Pond : Pink Harmony (1900)

The Boat at Giverny (1887)

Corner of a Studio (1861)

Still Life with Meat (1862)

Farmyard in Normandy (1863)

Luncheon on the Grass-Left Panel (1865)

Flowering Garden (1866)

The Road St Simeon in winter (1867)

Ice Flows on the Seine at bougival (1867)

Rough Sea at Etretat (1868)

Mme Louis Joachim (1868)

Portrait of Mme Monet, Meditation (1871)

Field of Poppies at Argenteuil (1873)

Regatta at Argenteuil (1874)

The Bridge at Argenteuil (1874)

The Coal Dockers (1875)

The Turkeys (1876)

The Rue Montorgueil, June 30, 1878

In the Norvegienne (1887)

Grainstacks End of the Summertime Morn (1890)

The Seine at Port-Villez (1890)

The Portal/Tour d’Albane, Dawn (1893)

Irises in Monet’s Garden (1899)

Parliment, Sun Breaking Clouds (1904)

Self Portrait (1917)


III. Musée Marmottan

Woman’s Head (1862)

On the Beach at Trouville (1869)

Springtime through the branches (1878)

Jean Monet (1880)

Michael Monet ; blue sweater (1883)

Impression, soleil levant (1873)

The sailing boat ; evening effect (1885)

Field tulips of Holland (1886)

Portrait of Poly (1886)

Cathédrale de Rouen (1892)

Red Houses at Bjoernegaard (1895)

Londres, le Parlement. Reflets sur la Tamis (1899)

Le pont japonais (1918)

Water Lilies (1914-1919)

Hemerocallis (1914-1917)

Nymphéas. Reflets de saule (1916)

The rose walk, Giverny (1920-22)

Vétheuil in the Fog (1878)

View of the Tuilleries(1867)

Train in the Snow (1875)

Le Pont de l’Europe, Gare Saint-Lazare (1877)

Mediterranean sailing boat (1884)

Branch of the Seine near Giverny (1897)

Rouen Cathedral, Effects of Sunlight, Sunset (1892)

Mount Kolsaas, Norway (1895)

Study for Charing Cross Bridge (1899-1901)

The Agapanthus (1902)

Waterlillies : Harmony in Blue (1914-1917)

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