Girl with a Watering Can National Gallery, D.C.
Girl with a Watering Can
National Gallery, D.C.

The United States art world was first introduced to the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1814-1919) by Paul Durand-Ruel, who established a market for Renoir’s works here and in Europe in the early 1900’s .   One of the greatest investors in these works by Renoir was Dr. Albert C. Barnes who amassed over 181 works by the painter between 1912 and 1942.  The Barnes Foundation is now home to the world’s largest collection of paintings by Renoir.  In addition to the Barnes Collection, you can find many works by Renoir at the National Gallery in D.C., the Boston MFA, AIC of Chicago and Clark Institute in Williamstown, MA.

In this blog, I have compiled an extensive (not exhaustive) list of Auguste Renoir’s works which can be seen in the United States.  The *denotes the paintings that I have been privileged to view , most recently the National Gallery Collection in D.C. The Barnes Collection is definately next on my list to visit.


Barnes Collection, Philedelphia, PA (2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA)

1868    Portrait of Lise

1875    The Luncheon

1875    Portrait of Mme Legrand

1876    Roses in a Blue Vase

1877    After the Concert

1877    Woman Crocheting

1881    Gondola, Venice

1881    Alfred Berard with Dog

1883    Beach Scene

1886    Woman with a Fan

1886    Garden scene in Brittany

1889    Pitcher with Flowers

1892    Two Girls Reading

1892    Noirmoutiers

1896    Artist’s Family

1902    Le Carnet

1905    Writing Lesson, Gabrielle & Claude

1911    Psyche

1911    Tea Time

1912    A Cup of Chocolate

1913    Fruit and Cup

1917    Woman with Hat Reading

1917    Reclyning Odalisque

1917    Woman in Muslin Dress


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

*1869  Mixed Flowers in Vase

*1880  Jacques Bergeret

*1881  Grand Canal, Venice

*1883  Dance at Bougival

*1883  Landscape near Menton


Two Sisters on a Terrace AIC Chicago
Two Sisters on a Terrace AIC Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

*1875  Women at the Piano

*1879  Acrobats at the Cirque

*1879  Lunch at Restaurant Fournaise

*1879  Young Woman Sewing

*1881  Two Sisters on a Terrace

*1881  Fruits of the Midi

*1899  Jean Renoir


Francine and Sterling Clark Institute, MA

*1876  L’ingenue

*1879  Bouquet of Roses

*1879  Therese Beraud

*1880  At the Concert

*1880  Girl Sleeping with Cat

*1881  Girl with a Fan

*1881  Doge’s Palace, Venice

*1882  Mari-Therese Durand-Ruel Sewing

*1883  Apples in a Dish

Fogg Art Museum, Harvard

1866    Spring Bouquet

1876    Self Portrait

1878    At the Milliners

Pont Neuf National Gallery D.C.
Pont Neuf
National Gallery D.C.


National Gallery, Washington D.C.

*1867  Diana

*1870  Odalisque

*1872  Pont Neuf

*1875  Woman with a cat

1876  Madame Henriot

*1876  Girl with a Watering Can

*1879  Oarsmen at Chatou

*1885  Girl with Hoop

*1889  Girl with Basket


Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y

*1878  Madame Charpentier

*1883  By the Seashore


Norton Simon, L.A.

1867    Pont des Arts


Houston MFA, TX

1871    Still Life with Bouquet


Milwaukee Art Museum

*1873  View of Bougival


Museum of Art, Hartford CT

1873    Claude Monet Painting at his Garden in Argenteuil


Portland Museum of Art, Oregon

1874    Seine at Argenteuil


Toledo Museum of Art, OH

1879    Landscape

1882    The Green Jardiniere


Cleveland Museum of Art, OH

1889    The Apple Seller


Phillips Collection, D.C.

1881    Luncheon of the Boating Party


Minneapolis Museum of Art, MN

1881    Piazza San Marco, Venice


Dixon Gallery, Memphis, TN

1882    The Wave


Yale University, CT

1889    Montagne Sainte-Victoire


Brooklyn MA, N.Y

1900    Still Life with Blue Cup

1914    Still Life with Strawberries

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