In September, David and I returned to Paris for a week of vacation. For this particular trip, we agreed to see Paris in a new way.  As the English novelist, Lawrence Durrell said, one must “travel with the eyes of the spirit wide open, sit quietly and observe and smell and listen for the spirit of the place which is the most important determinant in culture…one should tune in, idly, but with real inward attention”. Therefore, in the style of Hemingway’s vignettes  (1922 Paris), we have shared our reflections and “quiet, inward” observations of this enigmatic city.

Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company
Shakespeare and Company

I have seen a gathering place

Where English is the common language;

A haven for pedantic readers and aspiring writers

Encased among literary classics, hard bound, yellowed,

Marked by fingerprints and coffee stains of the great writers of the past

And  patrons, passing through.

The melodic chords of the piano, bringing strangers together

The quiet library, interrupted only by the bells of the Notre Dame

Outside the window

Watching the world pass by.

Reading "A Moveable Feast" in Shakespeare and Company (8/2014)
Reading “A Moveable Feast” in Shakespeare and Company (8/2014)

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