Sea of Galilee



David and I recently led a group of friends to Israel  (see link).  As this was my first trip to the Holy Land, I had many expectations, which were met exceedingly abundantly above all that I asked. I also received some great blessings. One blessing in particular was a new ministry opportunity with which to volunteer my skills in translating.


32 Michael Schneider; Messianic Jew tour guide
Our tour guide, Michael

This ministry is through our tour guide from the trip, Michael Schneider, who is a German-born, Messianic Jew and Bible teacher who lives in Jerusalem. Michael’s expertise as a journalist, Messianic Jew and Bible teacher provides excellent commentary in his guiding and speaking engagements to German-speaking Europeans as well as English speakers from around the world.


Michael not only gave historical guidance but also let us see through the eyes of the Jewish people the strong faith and traditions from the Old Testament and Torah. His life passion is to bring the covenant with God, as the love of His people, as Father to Son, of salvation to the Jewish people. He wants to bring unity once again according to the scriptures and according to God’s Salvation Plan.

As David and I were visiting with Michael on our trip, he shared about his weekly commentaries on the Sabbath scripture readings that he publishes in German (in the few spare hours between his back-to-back, intensive tours of 8 days, 10 hours per day!). His profound knowledge of the Hebrew language (modern and biblical) is combined with a great messianic insight. The focus of Michael’s lecture series and publications is the call for the Jewish People to Return to Israel.

I quickly volunteered to help Michael by translating these important messages from German to English in order to help him spread these to the world! Even though many of his tour groups are from China, Korea, the Philippines and Europe, most have the common language of English.


18 Dead Sea
The Dead Sea


We have been collaborating for about a month now and have sent out 4 Sabbath scripture readings to his followers in German and English (I also provide them in French if needed). These commentary messages are FREE and give a fresh understanding of the Old Testament history and prophecies as they relate to the life of Jesus and to our modern day walk as Christians.

In addition, Michael sends out an update of the current events in Jerusalem and Israel highlighted by real-time photos. These are very tense, scary times in Israel with much fighting even as they just celebrated 70 years as a nation.


Israeli border, real time today, 5.9.18

How can you receive these newsletters and commentaries? Go to Michael’s website, Jerusalem Messenger, ( and give your email address. A head’s up: the website is in German so click the KONTAKT (contact) tab. The instructions are in English. You can also let me know via email.

What a great new opportunity to use my passions for language to be a conduit for reaching the world for Christ !
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