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Beginning of my FrenchQuest, Sorbonne University, Paris 2012


Each June, I review the stats of my blog at There are several reasons for this: 1) WordPress recommends this exercise in order to keep current and relevant in the “blogosphere”; 2) to see which of my blog posts are being frequented and read around the world; and 3) the most important, to revisit my journey through the year of consuming literature, art, and language.

I began blogging in August, 2012, for my graduate internship at the Sorbonne University, Paris, France. My thesis included a comparison of Second Language Acquisition in an Immersion classroom (Sorbonne) vs FFL classroom in the United States (UTEP). See link. This became an excellent way to journal my experiences (both in the classroom and in exploring the culture outside of the classroom) and to share with the world my insights and joys from my French quest. This also gave my friends and family back home a weekly glimpse of my semester away from home (Aug 2012- Feb 2013). It was a loooong winter, full of challenges but also many blessings that continue to enrich my life (see link to the conclusion of my study abroad: link)

As is stated in my domain address, this began as a Quest for all things French including: art, literature, culture, history, gastronomy, and most importantly language. Upon the return from my study abroad semester, I continued to blog about these new acquisitions in my life which quickly introduced me to a worldwide community of Francophiles through WordPress Reader.

In the past few years, I veered a little as my blog posts have also included my new quests of:


However, I always come back to my roots, both genetic and passion, of all things French.  The blog posts that have brought me the most joy this year have been from translating Victor Hugo’s Le Poème du Jardin Des Plantes, from L’Art D’Etre Grand-Père (see link). These sweet poems by Hugo take his readers through daily walks with his grandchildren, Georges and Jeanne, in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, as he introduces them to God’s beautiful creation.

WordPress stats of my blog posts.

As I look back through the list of my blog posts from June 2017-June 2018, I am not surprised at the top 25 posts that were read of:  Renoir, Gare Saint-Lazare, Caillebotte, Dickinson, Vermeer, Rebuilding of Paris (Pinkney book review), Voltaire, Seurat.  These are typically the most popular posts each year.  What does surprise me is the countries that represent my readers. Some of the top 20 countries are logical: US, Canada, France UK, Germany, and Spain. I am pleasantly surprised, however, by the many readers from Turkey, Slovenia, Lebanon, Qatar; especially for the narrow focus of my blog. Of course, a “shout-out” to the 1% from Laos, Benin, New Caledonia, Suriname, Isle of Man, Iran, and Rwanda to name a few! How fun is that?!

Stats by Country


I am excited about the new year of acquisitions that 2018/2019 will bring in: French, German, Russian, art, literature, and language. If you are not a WordPress member but would like to receive my blog posts directly, please email me at and I will add you to my mailing list! Let me know which posts are your favorites!

Thank you for your likes,  comments, and interests into this tiny portal of my life!

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