My Saturday afternoon recharge: translating German to English for the Jerusalem Messenger Newsletter.

This newsletter is written by the “Ambassador of Israel”, Michael Schneider, who is also a full time tour guide in Israel. [Michael was our guide last year on an amazing trip to the Holy Land].

Michael writes about the current state of Israel and how God continues to bless and protect his servants.

Through Michael’s knowledge of the Bible as both a Hebrew and Greek scholar, he writes lectures and Bible studies in German (and now English) in order to ” bring the light again as a salvation-historical unity of Jews and Christians alike.”

I have been translating for Michael for a year now and continue to be blessed and challenged through his Old Testament studies, interpretation of the Torah and how he relates this history to our modern day faith and understanding of Christ.

You can subscribe to his newsletter at: www. This website is in German but you can request an English version. It is free to all!

Happy Saturday, readers!