My Summer 2021 Reading List Includes:

The Sea Around Us: a National Book Award,by Rachel Carson (1951, Oxford; revised 1979), Carson, a marine biologist, wrote about the natural world with a combination of insight and poetry. It was updated by Jeffrey Levinton in 1991 with the most recent thinking on submarine topics. A friend recommended this book to me to complement my passion of all things aquatic

History in English Words, by Owen Barfield (1926, 1953, Faber & Faber, London) Foreword by W.H. Auden: recommended by wordsandpeace blog.

The Story of Language by Mario Pei (1949 Lippincott): Wedding Anniversary (39!) trip to used book stores!

First Year Latin (1957, Smith and Thompson): My new language quest

PARIS AU XX SIECLE by Jules Verne (1957, Hachette) : Non-Fiction Verne!

The Hemingway Stories, by Ernest Hemingway (2021, Scribner) Selected by Tobias Wolff: A Mother’s Day gift from my daughter, Kalie.

Goethe, Poetry and Truth Campaign in France, 1792 (1987, Suhrkamp) Next in Series of Goethe’s Essays [see post]

We Beheld His Glory be William Tinsley (2021): A gift from the Author Bill Tinsley, our friend and Mentor for over 38 years.

Color, Composition, and Light in the Landscape: A Guide for the Oil Painter: A Mother’s Day gift from my daughter, Kalie.

What’s on your list?