[**This is a Repost from 2012: Ten years ago, I fulfilled a great passion of studying abroad at the Sorbonne university. This was also when I started my Frenchquest blog. I am reposting these incredible, otherworldly experiences of living in Paris for six months as a “non-traditional” graduate student.]

My apartment building, rue Linné

My home for the next six months!

I am returning to one of my favorite cities in the world to become immersed in its culture.  This first day here was very surreal as I used a skeleton key to open my apartement which will be my new home for the next six months in contrast to staying in a hotel for one week as a tourist.  The building is over 200 years old and my room of 10×10 has a definite “Parisian” feel to it: terraced view, wooden floors, a tiny bathroom with bad plumbing, and the sounds of motorcycles and sirens outside!

Jardin des Plantes around the corner: My respite!

The view out of my apartment, 5th etage

As I was preparing for bed the first night, I glanced out of my window, over the rooftops of the Latin Quarter, and saw a double rainbow, God’s promise to me that I was in His hands! It was a duplicate of the double rainbow that David and I saw in El Paso that morning (eighteen hours earlier) as we were exercising.

Double rainbow: same as in El Paso this morning!

My daughter, Kalie, came with me to help me get settled in and has been such a calming presence.  We have made a few day trips by train to Chartres and Rouen and have spent some time taking in the sites of Paris and practicing our French.  Surprisingly, I have been able to communicate in French much easier than I imagined.  My first mistake, however, was to order the “Plat du jour” (plate of the day) without asking for specifics.  Our main course was a cut of pork wrapped in a big fat tongue. Yuk! I guess I’ll just stick to quiche and baguettes until I learn the menu.

Rouen, France
Chartres Cathedral

Today, Sunday, I am going to visit the American Church of Paris to find that most important connection with other believers.  Then my home base will be complete.  Tuesday I will meet with my study abroad coordinator and then begin my classes on Wednesday after a language placement test.

Sorbonne University, my first day of class!

After almost a year of praying, planning, and studying my journey begins!

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